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    SHE2 High Torque Series Gear Box





    The housing is exclusively made of QT400-18 materials wholly, designed with thick wall, which can absorb the axial force during extrusion completely and ensure the high stability and stationarity of the gear unit. The corrugated surface of the internal housing is designed to reduce noise, promote heat dissipation and increase lubricity for parts.


    独特的齿轮25°压力角设计, AGMA 010以上的精度加工,17CrNiMo6,20CrMnMo的齿轮材料,齿轮独特的修形和参数优化,使该机型具有极强的抗过载能力同时又能保证低噪音和高效率。

    The unique design of 25 degree pressure angle of gears, machining precision above AGMA 010 gear standard and used lubrication material of 17CrNiMo6,20CrMnMo, with unique shape modification and parameter optimization to gears, enable SHE series have a strong anti-overload capacity and make sure low noise and high efficiency at the same time.




    齿轮箱采用世界一流的FAG、 TIMKEN 、 SKF 轴承,能更快、更正确地调整轴承轴向间隙保证最长的轴承使用寿命。

    The gearboxes are equipped with bearings of world-class brand such as FAG, TIMKEN and SKF, which can adjust the bearing axial clearance more quickly and correctly to ensure the longest bearing service life.


    推力轴承采用世界一流的SKF 、 FAG 轴承,更强的机械性能和散热性,保证最高的轴向承载可靠性和无故障率。

    Thrust bearings adopt world-class brand of SKF and FAG, with stronger mechanical properties and heat dissipation, ensuring the highest axial bearing reliability and zero failure rate.


    全部采用进口 SIMRIT 、 SKF 油封,齿轮箱的高、低速轴均采用双油封形式,彻底杜绝漏油可能性。

    Imported oil seals of brand SIMRIT and SKF are fully used, double oil seals are used in all the high speed shaft and low speed shaft inside the gearboxes, which eliminate the possibility of oil leakage completely .



    Gear ratio -- The new SHE2 gearbox is designed as 2-stage transmission device, with maximum applicable ratio of 22.4.


    螺杆连接—可按标准要求选用 GB /T3478.1—2008的渐开线优化,也可以选用 GB /T1095的180°双键槽。DIN5480渐开线花键、 GB /T1144的矩形花键等。

    Screw connecting - The involute optimization of GB/T3478.1-2008 can be selected according to the standard requirements. The 180 degree double keyway of GB /T1095 , DIN5480 involute spline and GB /T1144 rectangular spline and so on can also be selected.


    工况系数—传输功率及扭矩是依据工况系数为1来考虑的,客户可以按具体的适用状况来选择合适的工况系数,为选择适宜的齿轮箱,我们建议选择工况为1.5— 2.0之间的齿轮箱型号。

    Service factors(SF) - The transmission power and torque are considered on the condition of   the service factor of 1. Customers can select the appropriate service factors according to the specific applicable conditions. In order to select a suitable gearbox, we suggest the gearboxes with service factor between 1.5 and 2.0 can be chosen.